Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga (Appropriate for Beginners)

This class is held at a slower pace, suitable for beginners, those with limitations, and experienced students. Primarily stretching coordinated with the breath, although some balance practice and strength building will be included. All done with a relaxed pace in a supportive environment. Especially beneficial for those looking to improve flexibility and release tension.

Yin Yoga (Deep Stretch) (Appropriate for Beginners)

Yin Yoga integrates Indian Hatha yoga and several disciplines from Chinese Taoist tradition with yoga postures and movements. Concentrating on our connective tissues, this particular style aids in clearing our energetic blockages and enhancing circulation. Yin Yoga uses slow stretches in poses of long duration to open up the body and to achieve the release of physical and emotional tension. Over time the practice of yin yoga promotes an increasing range of movement, as well as an overall balance in our system. The practice is challenging without using force or muscular strength. Yin is a wonderful complement to any Yang practice, workout, or running program.

Candlelight Flow

Ease away the day and prepare for a restful night's sleep. Set to music and lit by candles, Candlelight Flow builds strength and flexibility with sun salutations, as well as other basic poses, with lots of modifications offered for every level of practice. While the body moves, the darkness enhances the ability of the mind to journey inward, creating a calm, meditative state.

All Levels

Our All Levels Classes offer a medium-paced flow yoga class with variations for different levels of student ability and experience, allowing students to practice at their own level. All levels classes are designed to challenge continuing students while supporting students who are newer to yoga. Modifications will always be offered for those students who prefer to practice at a more moderate pace.

Mobility Rolling & All Levels Practice

This class will focus on opening connective tissue and muscle release to progress to intermediate level asana practice.

Foam Rollers and mobility balls will be used to help open the body to prepare for the chosen goal posture of the class.  Mobility rolling targets trigger points in the connective tissue and muscles to allow for release thereby creating greater mobility and range of movement. 

Due to the number of rollers and balls on hand, class size is limited to 12 students, so please register in advance and arrive on time if to ensure a spot. Alternately, if you have your own foam rolling equipment, you can bring it with you and not worry about the class size limit!

Vinyasa Flow

A fluid practice closely linking breath to movement. Vinyasa Flow sequences will re-energize your body and its emphasis on the breath will release any blockage of energy in your body. Expect lots of movement, abdominal work, and strength-building. Not appropriate for beginners.


December 23: Holiday Coffee & Brunch (10:15am)

January 1: New Year's Day Intentions Workshop (2:00-3:45pm)

January 19: 4-Week Yoga Fundamentals Course (2:00-3:30pm)

January 24: New Moon Meditation & Vision Board Workshop (6:00-7:30pm)



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please note: the studio is typically only open 15 minutes before and after our scheduled classes


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