December 27, 2014

One of the best gifts of a consistent yoga practice is the heightened awareness you feel when you walk out of a particularly satisfying class. Often the classes that bestow this yogic high are the ones where the senses are awakened by a particular combination of music...

December 26, 2014

If you’ve spent even one year making and then breaking resolutions, try a kinder, gentler approach this year by setting intentions. The same intentions you hold in your heart for an

hour-long yoga class can be expanded to help you focus on the areas of your life that ne...

December 24, 2014

Students come to yoga with different goals like losing weight, improving strength and flexibility and lowering stress. So how many times a week should you practice to achieve these goals?


The answer depends on your goal as well as your current health and lifestyle.



December 9, 2014

A study conducted a few years ago revealed two not too shocking facts about why people practice yoga where they do.  People practice yoga at home for the convenience, and people practice yoga in a yoga studio because of the quality of the instruction.  After all, the t...

December 2, 2014

Gentle yoga is pretty much what the name implies, a slower-paced and less strenuous form of yoga. Gentle yoga classes are very popular with older practitioners, beginners, students with injuries or limited flexibility and yogis or any type of athlete looking to supplem...

December 2, 2014

Welcome to our Teacher Spotlight posts; you can read about all of the instructors at Valley Vinyasa Yoga Studio by going to the Teacher Spotlight Category of this blog!


3 things I appreciate most about Dani's classes:

  • Her gentle and encouraging voice and style.  Dan...

December 2, 2014

Welcome to our first teacher spotlight!  If you have ever seen a teacher on our schedule and wondered if his (or her) class is for you, then these posts are for you!


The 3 things I appreciate most about Joe’s yoga classes:

  • Practicing with Joe has transformed my prac...

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