5 Reasons to Try Yoga Nidra

September 12, 2014

If you count the moments to relaxing into savasana at the end of yoga classes, Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is the class for you to try next.


Sometimes by the time you really start to feel the benefits of corpse pose, it’s time to rejoin the world. With Yoga Nidra, you can luxuriate in complete relaxation for a good, long and entirely satisfying time. It is an ancient and powerful technique that has been compared to sedation without chemicals, and students often feel the rejuvenating and healing effects after their first class.


In a typical Yoga Nidra class, the teacher will use guided meditation techniques to help students achieve a deep but conscious relaxation. Students occasionally fall asleep, especially if new to the practice, but that’s not a problem since the benefits will still be felt.


Starting with some basics stretches, students loosen up the body before beginning the relaxation process. You may start to sink into stillness by scanning your body, identifying and focusing on its sensations and moving toward complete inner and outer calm to the sound of Tibetan bowls, gentle gongs or just your teacher’s voice. Props above and beyond the usual block and straps, including bolsters, blankets and eye cushions, are often used to cradle and quiet the body and mind.


Yoga Nidra has been used successfully to help people suffering from physical and emotional trauma as well as substance abuse. It can help anyone to rest and recharge.


Try Yoga Nidra for:

  1. a true all-levels class. Anyone can do it, even if you have not tried meditation.

  2. its unique healing properties. It can help to alleviate physical and psychological trauma.

  3. to relax the tensions and stresses that you are aware of, as well as those that you may not be aware of until moving inward.

  4. to gain insight, clarity and focus and to boost your imaginative and creative powers.

  5. as a stepladder or gateway to a regular meditation practice.












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