Teacher Spotlight: Dani Glassman

December 2, 2014

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3 things I appreciate most about Dani's classes:

  • Her gentle and encouraging voice and style.  Dani has a gift for creating a serene and soothing environment in her classes than ensures you will leave relaxed and refreshed.

  • Great assists and adjustments.  Dani's yoga teacher training, combined with her obvious skills as a licensed massage therapist, enable her to offer just the right physical touch at just the right time.  Her confidence in this area makes for an especially rewarding experience for all of her students.

  • Her interest in her students.  One class with Dani and you know that she genuinely cares about each and every one of her students and wants to help them in any way possible.  She will stay long after class to talk with you about a question or issue that you are having, or to explain something in more detail.  When there is a class in the studio right after her class, you'll frequently see her continuing the conversation with her students in the parking lot!


You should take a class from Dani if you:

  • Are struggling with any physical limitation, recovering from an injury, just getting started, or returning from a yoga hiatus. Dani will get to know you and your body and will help you in your recovery or the start of your yoga journey.

  • Want to reduce stress in your life and are looking for an instructor who has a special knack for helping students to breathe and relax, both on and off the mat.

  • Appreciate not only the physical, but also the mental and spiritual aspects of your yoga practice.  Her soothing style and reminders of why we're here will help you to re-focus on what's important and get your positive energy flowing.


What Dani's students have to say:

"Most Saturday mornings, it's quite a challenge for me to get myself moving and ready in time to make the early morning yoga class.  However, it is so worth it!  I always leave the class with an elated feeling and so happy that I have spent the time with Dani!"     ~Nancy E


"I consider Dani a true blessing. After her class, I feel refreshed and renewed.  The simple techniques she has taught me have let me perform better in class, but more importantly have become a vehicle for better sleep and a lower level of stress.  Her teaching style is reassuring and I leave class feeling happier, more relaxed, and somehow more energized, all at the same time.  She is amazing."     ~Sally Y


"After a class with Dani, I always feel stronger, yet refreshed.  I am new to Valley Vinyasa after a several year hiatus from yoga. It was important to me to find a yoga studio with instructors who provided quality yoga instruction acknowledging not just the physical but the spiritual/mental aspects of the yoga practice.  Dani was the perfect instructor to start with! Taking classes with Dani has taught me to honor my body, as Dani has provided individual feedback for me to work through some physical issues.  She always attends to the needs of class members.  I would recommend Dani's classes to anyone who is new to yoga as well as those experienced."     ~Patricia F


"Dani is a wonderful instructor who very professionally, yet personably, teaches a variety of students.  I leave her class feeling more relaxed and peaceful, but also stronger.  She has taught me to breathe, as well as to realize that making time for myself has a positive impact on others. She is nurturing and helpful, encouraging, but not pushy.  She always has a smile on her face!"     ~Rita C


When Dani teaches at Valley Vinyasa:

  • Saturday 8:00 - 9:15am (Gentle Yoga)

  • Saturday 9:30-10:45am (Vinyasa Flow)

  • Sunday 4:00-5:30pm (Prenatal Yoga)

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