Teacher Spotlight: Joe Kaufman

December 2, 2014

Welcome to our first teacher spotlight!  If you have ever seen a teacher on our schedule and wondered if his (or her) class is for you, then these posts are for you!


The 3 things I appreciate most about Joe’s yoga classes:

  • Practicing with Joe has transformed my practice.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount about

    breathing, meditation, and the internal practice of yoga from attending Joe’s classes on a regular basis.

  • Joe always offers something different, and it’s always interesting, engaging, and a learning experience.  Whether it’s a yin yoga class, a class focused on finding our drishti, or a practice grounded in the Hindu tradition, Joe puts a lot of time into preparing each of his classes and they are full of new experiences and the opportunity to learn more about yoga.

  • There’s just something about Joe’s sequencing, pace, and voice that makes an hour with him a gift for your body and spirit.  I always leave feeling relaxed and re-engaged, more able to handle whatever the rest of the day or week holds in store for me than when I walked through the door.


You should take a class from Joe if you…

  • Want to learn more about breathing, the internal practice of yoga, and meditation.

  • Are a beginner who wants to make sure you are well grounded in the fundamentals of yoga.

  • Are looking for a practice that won’t leave you sore, but will make you feel great both physically and emotionally.

  • Would  like to learn more about different yoga traditions and expansive ways to practice.


What Joe's students have to say...

"My husband and I love Joe's noon class.  We call it "Joe yoga". It's the perfect blend of poses, breathing and meditation.  I always feel relaxed, yet alert and focused after his class. "   ~Wendy G


"I love Joe's classes because I learn so much about every aspect of yoga, from Sanskrit words to introduction of different types of yoga.  He usually does plenty of hip openers, which always makes my hip replacement hip very happy!  I also like that he can change his class play on the fly depending upon the level of experience of the students or even the energy of the class that day.  I recommend him to everyone, as he is terrific for beginners while still challenging the more advanced students."     ~Jill W


"When I first met Joe, I hadn’t practiced yoga in over a year. He got to know me before class and made me feel at home in the studio. After taking many of Joe’s classes, one thing I love about his practice is he doesn’t just show me moves and talk through a yoga session. He gets your mind into the spirit of yoga which allowed me to focus on the inner me and what I needed to get out of each class. Joe has a calm, soothing voice and after each session with Joe I walk away feeling lighter and more worry free. I recently told Joe I was pregnant and, before class, he took time to walk through some basic dos and don’ts, then the next class he followed up with a pre-natal yoga information packet to use for my home practice."      ~Deborah K


When Joe teaches at Valley Vinyasa:

  • Monday 9:00-10:00am (Gentle Yoga)

  • Monday 12:00-1:00pm (Open Hatha)

  • Thursday 9:30-10:45am (Gentle Yoga)

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