Top Tips for a Great Curvy Yoga Practice

March 13, 2016

Do you want to try yoga but have put it off until you reach a certain size? The size you think is appropriate for yoga? Well, at Valley Yoga, wherever you are is the right size. We work with students of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, ages, and flexibility levels. 


Yoga is such an empowering experience, and can lead to improved self-acceptance and life-changing health benefits. The following tips are keys to a successful Curvy Yoga practice:

  1. Props rock. Blocks and bolsters can bring the floor closer for students with curvy bellies, bottoms and thighs. They enable all students to reach their edge safely.

  2. Know that no one is looking at your practice. They are focused on their own challenges.

  3. Gear up. All you need to practice yoga is a willing mind and body.But even though you can borrow good mats at the studio for class, your own sticky mat can feel like home and may even motivate you to practice at home. Name-brand yoga pants and fancy sports bras are not necessary, but comfortable clothes that fit and move with your body are worth it.

  4. Know your limits, but most importantly, know that they can change hourly.

  5. Every little bit counts, and the more you do, the more you will want to do. If you only do one seated sun salutation today, you still practiced yoga. So maybe tomorrow, you actually roll out your mat.

  6. Stop waiting until the right time to begin a yoga practice. Today is the right time.

  7. Find nourishment. The more you practice yoga, the more it becomes natural to seek healthy ways to nourish your body physically and spiritually.

  8. Realize that it’s not about standing on your head or placing a leg behind your ear. Yoga poses are as beautiful and varied as our bodies.

  9. Embrace community. Yogis at any level are a welcoming bunch. After class, share a smile or a “see you next time” with the student on the next mat. You’ll be motivated to come back when you begin to recognize friendly faces.

  10. Know that yoga is about self-acceptance and quieting the mind. If the voice in your head is telling you that you can’t do something or you don’t belong there, ask it to please leave.

Questions? Email or call Jennifer at 314-753-3661.

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