Inform Your Flow: a New Set Sequence Practice

November 22, 2017

Have you heard about our newest class offering: Inform Your Flow? This set sequence class takes place on Sunday afternoons from 12:30 - 1:30pm.


What is a set sequence class? 

A set sequence class repeats essentially the same poses every class, in the same order. 


What are the benefits of a set sequence class?

Moving through the same poses on a regular basis allows you to easily see changes in your body and practice, since the only thing that is changing from class to class is you. In addition, once the sequence becomes familiar, you can better refine alignment in each pose and move inward more easily, turning the practice into a moving meditation.


What are the poses in Inform Your Flow?

The Inform Your Flow sequence, developed by yoga teacher Darren Rhodes, includes a total of 60 poses. Each week 8-12 poses are removed from the sequence, so we will move through approximately 50 poses in one hour, spending anywhere from 20-60 seconds in each pose. The pose is a well rounded, balanced class designed to support longevity of practice.


The majority of the poses in the Inform Your Flow sequence will be familiar to you, while a handful will likely be new and challenging. Examples of familiar poses would be:

  • Cat pose

  • Twisted Lunge

  • Warrior 2 / Reverse Warrior



  • Eagle Pose

  • Triangle

  • Bridge

  • Bow

A few of the poses that might be new or less familiar:

  • Southpaw Tiger

  • Crocodile

  • Building Bridge

  • Inverted Locust

  • Tremulous


Who should do Inform Your Flow?

Inform Your Flow is designed for students with some yoga experience/familiarity with basic poses and ways to modify, as well as for "fit beginners" (students who may be newer to the practice without any major limitations or injuries). 


What else should I know about Inform Your Flow?

  • While the class name includes the word "flow," this is NOT a Vinyasa Flow class. In fact, there is no "vinyasa" in the sequence.

  • The class includes upbeat music

  • Inform Your Flow is covered by your monthly membership or your New Student Trial. If you're not a monthly member or new student, you can pay a $5 drop in, far less than the cost of our other classes.







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