Top 5 Reasons Golfers Should Do Yoga

March 2, 2018


If you golf, chances are you've struggled with some aspect of your game, mental or physical. Maybe, just maybe more than one aspect. And you've probably tried at least one of the following: new equipment, lessons, working out at the gym to build strength. But have you thought about yoga as your secret weapon on the course? Maybe you should. At Valley Yoga, we're offering a 4-week Yoga for Golf Workshop in March, before the season really heats up, to introduce you to the many benefits of yoga, focusing on improving your game and simply keeping you in the game for years to come. 


Top 5 Benefits of Yoga for Golf

Flexibility: Everyone knows yoga improves your flexibility, but why is that so important in golf? Increased range of motion in the joints (hips and shoulders especially) reduces swing faults caused by

short, tight muscles, which can lead to increased club head speed and a more powerful swing.


Balance: Yoga can improve your center of gravity for a more consistent reliable swing, and give you a more grounded feeling in those rare instances when you face an uneven lie.


Core Strength: A lesser known benefit of a consistent yoga practice, a stronger core can improve your posture at address, reduce swing fatigue (not that you're taking that many swings, of course), provide both power and precision, and importantly reduce the low back pain that can sometimes come from repeated spinal rotation.


Breath Awareness: Maybe you consider breath work to be one of those esoteric, "woo woo" elements of yoga, but have you considered that deeper, more even breaths can increase blood flow to muscles, increase endurance, reduce stress (but then again, maybe you're the picture of peaceful serenity throughout your round), and ultimately lead to a more rhythmic, fluid swing.


Focus/Concentration: Most of us bring a lot with us to the first tee; stress from work, kids, traffic, you name it. Your yoga practice can help you become more present on the course, increase the mind/body connection, and even help you develop the ability to let go of outcomes, which could actually make the game...I don't know, FUN!


In each of our 4 sessions, we'll work every part of the body that contributes to your game, literally from head to toe. We'll spend a couple of minutes each week on yoga philosophy (amazing how much translates to sports and golf specifically!), breathing and relaxation. And the best part is, NO YOGA EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to participate in this workshop! Each week will build on the week before, but the weeks can also stand alone, so if you can't make all 4, that's fine; come to those you can. We already have a great group of men and women registered, but still have room for you!


Yoga For Golf 4-Week Workshop

Tuesdays March 6, 13, 20, and 27


Valley Yoga in Chesterfield (131 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, MO 63005)

Cost: $60 for 4 weeks or $17 for individual sessions

REGISTER ONLINE or email Jennifer or call 314-753-3661


Questions? Email me or call 314-753-3661 and I'll be happy to discuss!







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