Roll Your Way to Mobility & Ease

April 8, 2018


Have you ever encountered a posture or movement in yoga practice that your body just wasn’t prepared for?  If you are one of the millions that spend many hours in one position (sitting) or wearing elevated shoes (even tennis shoes), then your body is likely experiencing some negative results of repetitive posture and being out of alignment.


Foam rolling and cold stretching are two techniques that can be used to help prepare pertinent areas of the body for a goal pose.  These techniques work on the muscle tissue and the fascia of the body.  This is so important because your body will work very hard to give you the movements and postures you ask of it.  However, in doing so, you may overstress some areas while underworking others.


This is known as compensation.  Compensation happens from asymmetries (e.g. your left shoulder is tighter than your right shoulder), injuries, surgeries, and taking the same posture for long sessions that “mold” your body over time.  


Foam rolling and cold stretching work the soft tissue to release tension, lesson trigger points, increase hydration, and increase range of motion.  All of this will allow you to deepen your proprioceptive feedback, positively impacting your nervous system.  Think of it this way, it allows you to “sense” what your body is doing and where it is in space while allowing the nervous system (the communication system of the body) to communicate more effectively.  


These techniques, when applied to a yoga class, are ideal to create better range of movement, deepen your self-inquiry, and transition through the asana flow with a sense of greater space and ease.  Mobility work allows you to create a deeper relationship with the body and your experience of it.  


Valley Yoga offers a Mobility Yoga class on Wednesday’s at 6:45 pm and is offering a Mobility Rolling Workshop that is FREE for Monthly Members (and only $20 for non-members) on Saturday, April 21 from 1:00-2:30pm. Both are taught by Shelly Coffman.

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