Student Spotlight: Gary Richardson

April 17, 2018

If you've been attending classes at Valley Yoga for more than a week or two, chances are you've seen or 

met Gary Richardson, one of our most dedicated students. All of us who get the chance to teach and work with Gary are continually impressed by his curiosity, commitment, and positive energy. And he's more than just a student at Valley Yoga; Gary has been invaluable to me over the past several years in maintaining the studio. He not only notices and brings issues to my attention (leaks, nail pops, broken locks, and more), but more often than not he brings the tools needed to fix the problem next time he comes to class and just takes care of it!


Gary came to yoga almost 3 years ago through the recommendation of a physical he was working with with to increase flexibility. While reviewing the websites for all of the studios in town, he noticed Valley Yoga's tagline "The Most Beginner-Friendly Yoga Studio in Town" and thought we'd be a good fit,  and the rest was history. As a side note, as a result of his thorough review of our website and others, Gary was able to suggest some site improvements that have made a big difference for us. 


Like many, Gary has received benefits from his yoga practice that extend well beyond those he initially sought. In addition to improved range of motion, he also feels stronger and more mindful.


Gary is retired after a long career with the Air Force (flying fighter aircraft as well as training), the Pentagon, and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). Now he enjoys spending time with family, including his two grandsons, and has fun as an amateur radio operator designing and using computer software to experiment with the latest digital communications modes.



Gary's practice, which includes about 20 group classes a month plus 1-2 private lessons per week, "has given me a healthful activity that is challenging and fun for me to do and to continue to learn more about for the rest of my life."


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