Essential Oils for Immune Support

September 19, 2018



Hi Everyone!  It’s Shelly Coffman here.  I wanted to make sure you saw the 2 Hour Essential Oil Class that Valley Yoga is hosting on September 29that 1:00 pm.  And with the reminder, I thought it would be a great time to share a little bit of my story of why I got involved in Essential Oils in the first place.  


I am not sure how many of you know some of my back story, but about 15 years ago I found myself in a health crisis.  I was pushing myself so hard working about 50 hours a week at my job while going to school full time in the evenings.  Looking back on it now, I can see that I was literally running myself into the ground, but I didn’t have this vision at the time.  I ran at this pace for a very long time and despite a long-standing yoga practice, I didn’t eat as well as I should have or have the necessary self-care practices in place.  Eventually, it all started to catch up with me.  I started to be sick all the time.  There were many days just getting up and getting ready to go to work exhausted me and I found myself having to lay down before I even left for work! Can you imagine?


I had so many doctors’ visits upon doctors visits.  No one could really explain to me what was going on, but I knew something was amiss. I had never felt this poorly before in my life.  After years of pain, sickness and suffering, we came to learn that I was dealing with some auto immune disorders.  This was the turning point.


Thankfully, my husband Jeff was a great friend and support system for me.  He was actually the one that took charge in changing our lifestyle to be more organic and chemical free.  I will never forget, at the time he decided to take charge I was in Japan on a business trip.  When I called home he delicately told me he threw out everything in the house and replaced it with goods from Whole Foods!  You can only imagine the shock I had at what that did to the pocketbook, but it was worth every penny!


As the years progressed, I got remarkably better but I still had instances of flare ups and issues.  After getting allergy and immunology tests done, I learned that I am someone who is rather sensitive to what is in my environment. Enter essential oils!


I starting using oils for everything I could learn from the internet to help remove any irritants from my enviornment.  It didn’t take me very long to decide that I really wanted to understand what was going on within my body when I used essential oils and how they could support me. So, I decided to get my Certification in Aromatherapy.  To date, I have completed 594 hours of study with Essential Oils and am currently working on my French Aromatherapy Certification.  That’s a lot of CEUs worth of study!  What I found of particular interest was the way Essential Oils can help support your system in fighting threats.  My intrigue only heightened with 21 dedicated hours to Virus’ and the immune system.  

So, that leads us here today!  


I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge with you in a very relaxed and supported environment.  In this class, I will provide information that is easily understood and applicable to the three blends you will make and take home with you.  All in the effort to help you learn more holistic ways of supporting your immune system.  


The class is limited to just 12 people so I can provide focused attention to your questions and concerns.  And, I have done all the heavy lifting with coming up with blends for you to make and providing everything you will need.  All you need to do is sign up for the class and come willing to learn, experience, and create three beautiful products for you to enjoy this season!



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